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Argentinian artist Martín Morazzo made his major American comics debut with the 2012 environmental sci-fi saga, Great Pacific, the first Image Comics series he co-created with Joe Harris.

Martín has since co-created Snowfall, a sci-fi epic, again with Joe Harris and Image Comics, and the stylish crime adventure series, The Electric Sublime, with writer W. Maxwell Prince at IDW Publishing. A talent on the rise, his art has recently appeared in Marvel Comics’ Nighthawk, Elektra and Occupy Avengers along with Vertigo’s Cyan anthology.

Ice Cream Man, a new collaboration with W. Maxwell Prince, is being published by Image Comics.

She Could Fly, a miniseries with writer Christopher Cantwell –co-creator and showrunner of AMC's Halt and Catch Fire– and editor Karen Berger, is also being published by Berger Books, an imprint of Dark Horse Comics.

Martín lives in Buenos Aires. When he isn’t absolutely consumed with drawing and comics deadlines, he likes to spend time with his lovely wife, Victoria, and his daughters, Nina, Lupe and Vera.

Published work

She Could Fly
Berger Books, Dark Horse Comics - 2018

Ice Cream Man
Image Comics - 2018

Marvel Fill-ins
Elektra #4, Occupy Avengers #8, Generation X #4 and The Prox Transmissions OGN
Marvel Comics - 2017

The Electric Sublime
IDW Publishing 2016 - 2017

Image Comics 2016 - 2017

Nighthawk #3 & #5
Marvel Comics 2016

Once upon the end of time
Short Story - Vertigo CMYK Quarterly 2014

Great Pacific
Image Comics 2012 - 2014

Absolute Magnitude
Zuda Comics 2009 - 2010

The Network
Arcana Comics 2008